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The Novel: ...but I love you

...but I love you
should be an endearing thing to hear, shouldn’t it? An affirmation, an announcement, a betrothal, a statement of loyalty. OR an inconvenience, an imposition, a threat, a plea, an arrogance, a demand.

This novel is a series of tales around two women on their paths to a loving relationship, which they ultimately find in one another. It is a very sexy, warm and challenging story, inviting readers to face their own issues and prejudices along the way. It is informed by my years of living in Brighton and the very dear friends of all sexual persuasions that opened my eyes and my heart, and by the many times that someone said ‘But I love you’, for all the wrong reasons!

Available now for preorder at Indigo Dreams Bookshop also at Amazon and Waterstones.

Or on Kindle at ...but I love you

What the readers say:
Read Grainne McCool's Blog here

“I can see my friends' menfolk reading it straight away.” 
“Made me wonder about friendships between lesbians and straight girls and lesbians and gay men.”
“I can see this on film, or even a series.”
“I was disappointed to get to the end as I wanted to carry on reading!”
“The whole ambiguity re one’s sexuality makes for interesting reading. There's something for everyone here, whatever the sexual orientation. I think what is enjoyable about this book is how you deal with the different types of sexual relationships and all the complications that occur.”

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